Boiling water tap – a fancy gimmick or must-have accessory?

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  • 15th March 2017

The death of the kettle?

Boiling water tap in use

So you might have heard, you can get boiling water out of a tap. Yes, you read that right – actual boiling water, on demand, straight from your kitchen tap. In this article, we will consider if this invention is just another kitchen gadget, or if in fact the kettle has had its day and is on course to join other old kitchen appliances such as the mangle and be consigned to history.

Boiling water = 100°C

The first thing to consider is whether or not a boiling water tap is able to fully replace the kettle. Could there be an occasion where the tap could not perform the function that the kettle would have done, thus making replacement impossible?

A kettle will heat water to 100°C, which can then be used for a variety of reasons. Let’s face it though, most of the time we use it to make tea, and some tea makers actually specify that it should be prepared with freshly boiled water. Because it is boiling, we can also use water from the kettle to sterilise baby bottles. Sometimes, we might boil up a kettle and transfer the water to a pot to place on the stove for poaching eggs or cooking pasta for example. It’s fair to say that we couldn’t really be without the kettle, which is why most kitchens have one.

Turns out not all so-called boiling water taps are created equal. Some will only provide very hot water, but to replace the kettle the tap needs to dispense water at 100°C. Every one of the boiling water taps from the Quooker range store the water at 110°C under pressure and dispense at 100°C making it suitable to replace the kettle, removing it from the kitchen side for good. And tea making can be done in 10 seconds with just the amount of water you need, whenever you want it.

How about safety?

Boiling water tap in use

Is it really that safe to have a tap in the kitchen dispensing water at 100°C? In actual fact, it is considered to be safer than a kettle, and we can see why. A full kettle can hold on average 1.5 Litres of water, which if accidentally tipped over could cause very serious injury to anybody in the way, especially a child. The Quooker tap is installed at the back of the worktop over the sink, out of reach from small children, and it can’t be pulled towards the front of the worktop. The Quooker tap dispenses boiling water in an aerated spray form, so an accidental and momentary passing of a hand through the flow will not result in scalding, you would snatch your hand away from the heat with maybe a few drops of boiling water on skin or clothing compared to a soaking from potentially over a litre of boiling water from a kettle. Other safety features include the push and turn mechanism to turn the tap on, the fully insulated tank which is cool to the touch, a twin-walled cool spout, and the rotation of the tap to enable a pan to be positioned on the worktop when filling rather than being held awkwardly over the sink.

Other benefits

So the kettle has gone and the worktop has one less appliance on it, and your home or office is a safer place with boiling water kept out of harm’s way. In terms of other benefits, we think the main one has to be time saving. At home, the convenience of boiling water on demand has a great time saving benefit - in an office or workplace environment, this time saving equals money. Water and energy saving is also achieved with a Quooker, as you only use the amount you need. How much energy must be wasted by people filling kettles up to boil with more water than necessary? Not to mention putting the kettle on to boil, then getting distracted and forgetting you boiled it so having to do it again – sound familiar? Due to the patented design of the Quooker tank, storing water under pressure at 110°C to use just what you need whenever you want it costs less per day than running a lamp.

An inspired kitchen accessory

Quooker logo

A Quooker boiling water tap is a kitchen gadget, but it is also so much more than that.

A Quooker boiling water tap is a kitchen gadget, but it is also so much more than that. Aesthetically they look fantastic, removing the kettle from the worktop to aid with sleek and minimalist design. User-friendly and convenient, saving time, water and energy and improving safety in homes and workplaces. Inspired by the arrival on the market of instant soup back in the 1970s, the original inventor set about making this convenience food even more instant with boiling water on tap. Today, the company he founded have a product that we think is more than just a gadget, it is a worthwhile accessory to consider for your kitchen. Once you have a Quooker, we think you’ll never be without one.

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