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  • 12th December 2016

Rubbish. Not particularly exciting is it? When it comes to thinking about your dream kitchen, it is quite possible that it won’t have even crossed your mind that the kitchen bin is usually the main disposal unit for the entire house and household. Worry not, we’ve got it covered.

under sink sorting

U4-part waste sorting under sink. Up to 5-part waste sorting within the sink unit is available.

Waste disposal is most definitely an area of the kitchen where form follows function. Whilst we may not be able to make rubbish look beautiful, we can certainly make it practical and simple to sort and store. And when it comes to aesthetics, the best option in our opinion is to hide it away from view.

64L capacity

One of our most popular choices, this unit comprises of two decent sized 32 litre bins in a pull-out 400mm wide unit. Both bins are tucked away under the integrated lid to help eliminate odours.

When it comes to recycling, it seems that every local authority has different requirements. Some will only require householders to separate general waste and mixed recyclables, others want recyclable waste further sorted into 2 or 3 different boxes; some collect glass, some collect food waste and others don’t collect either. Whichever is the case for you, this alongside availability of space in the kitchen will be taken into account when thinking about all things rubbish. At Kitchens by Mode we’re not here to make sure you do your bit for the environment, but we can make it easier and more hygienic to do so with our kitchen recycling and waste disposal solutions.

3-part waste sorting

This 450mm unit has a top drawer with 3 waste bins giving a total of 34 litres capacity and a fully usable bottom drawer as useful storage. With the drawers closed the bins are gone!

If odours from food waste is a worry, and composting your food waste is not your thing, a food waste disposal unit fitted under the sink may be for you. An InSinkErator waste disposer fitted discreetly under the sink is the easy, environmentally sound answer to dealing with food waste. You simply put food scraps into your sink, turn on your cold tap and feed the waste into the plughole. The waste disposal unit grinds up the food waste into small particles and quietly, quickly and safely flushes them away. All that’s needed is standard plumbing and a power source, so they can be installed into new or existing kitchens and fitted to most sinks. The table below shows the range we have available and the features and benefits of each model.

So from a pull-out bin in a cupboard to under the sink 5-part waste sorting and food waste disposal units, we have an integrated solution to suit every household and every size of kitchen. No more overflowing bin as an eyesore in the corner of your lovely new kitchen.

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